The ideas in this article could take you to your next level! All it takes is one idea. The content that I’m going to share with you today may create a shift in your thinking about prospecting, which could result in helping you create a breakthrough in your prospecting to thus book more appointments, close more sales and grow your business.

Electronic prospecting is prospecting using:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Direct Message on Social Media

Let’s talk about why electronic prospecting over cold calling. If I were coaching you ten years ago, I would have said it’s all about making the dials. Here’s the problem: nowadays, people just aren’t answering their phone like they used to. Secondly, people prefer to be communicated with electronically when you’re prospecting. Lastly, electronic prospecting works. When reaching out to somebody, my intention is to reach out to him or her electronically to then book an appointment. Typically, that appointment is done face to face or over the phone. This is what I call stage selling: sell the prospect to the next step

In your communication, communicate the benefit that the prospect will receive by agreeing to meet with you. Also, I believe in prospecting by any means necessary, so I’m not locked into sending a text or a LinkedIn message or a Facebook message. Honestly, I don’t care how I book the appointment. I just want to book the appointment and in many cases, I will layer the techniques. In other words, one day I might send a text, the next day, I might send an email. Then I might maybe phone call them. The next day, I might send them a direct message over LinkedIn.

Text Prospecting

When it comes to texting, Eric’s rule is if they publish their cell phone, then you are allowed to prospect them with a text. If their cell phone appears on a business card, on their social media profiles, published on their website, you’re allowed to text prospect them. For something of you that is a shift in thinking. You might think, “Well, that’s too aggressive for me to send a text.” I’ll just tell you I do it all the time and I have found it for me to be highly effective.

Email Prospecting

When it comes to email prospecting, the most important thing is the subject line. You want to send a subject line that communicates that this is a personalized email, not an email that’s being sent out to hundreds, if not thousands of people. In the body of the email, clearly communicate the benefit to the prospect for agreeing to meet with you. When prospecting over social media, some people believe you have to keep it to LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn is a great place to prospect, but I also regularly prospect on Facebook. In some cases, I even use platforms like Instagram.

Social Media Prospecting

We got to fish where the fish are. Your prospects are on Facebook just like they’re on LinkedIn. When I teach this to some people, it really expands their thinking. They thought, “Well, I never thought about prospecting on Facebook.” I cold prospected NBA hall of famer, Rick Barry, with a direct message over Facebook. When I sent him the message, I thought to myself, “He’s never going to read this.” Not only did he read it, he responded. We booked a phone appointment and I closed the deal. It all started by me cold prospecting Rick Barry with a direct message over Facebook.

Lastly, my encouragement for you is to apply electronic prospecting consistently. You might pick a number like 10 per day or 15 a day or five a day, depending on what your goals are.